Die Boere word nou verstrooi en geskiedenis herskryf.
Waardevolle Boere Erfenis, kultuur en histories gedenkwaardighede,
word verander, herallokeer, vernietig, verlore, verdwyn en vergete ......
Ons erfenis, standbeelde, monumente, museums, boeke, geskrifte, kuns, musiek, landkaarte, seels, wapens,
munte, meubels, ens. van geskiedkundige belang in verband met die Boerevolk



This Homepage and Website was Created ,to Protect
to Help the White South African People,Who Live In South Africa, To ask the World for their support,to fight crime and to stop the Farm Killing in South Africa,We all know that things are not going their Right Way.The White People are getting Attacked and getting Murderd Day by Day. Is this the Right Way for SOUTH AFRICA . IT SHOULD GO ?.That People get Killed every Day Hour by hour , And that their Crime Rate Is one of the Highest in the WORLD.

I SAY STOP  . And Try to get a End To all this,This is not what the WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE want OR NEED. They NEED YOUR SUPPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD .To Protect the Country were their Children were Born, Not for them to be pushed , in to the Dirt .and be Killed every day and every hour and minute.I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. I WAS BROUGHT UP IN THE COUNTRY,AND ALSO KNOW THAT THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER .THINGS ARE GETTING BADDER DAY BY DAY.

South African Maps

OUR GOOGLE MAP OF SOUTH AFRICA, Here you can view Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-zulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape.and many other Cities and Towns in South Africa. 


The Settlers

They landed  with three ships Dromedaris; Reijger and Goede Hoop at the future Cape Town on 6 April 1652 and fortified the site as a way-station for the VOC trade route between the Netherlands and the East Indies.Van Riebeeck was born in Culemborg, Netherlands as the son of a surgeon. 


The Voortrekkers

The Voortrekkers ,Afrikaans and Dutch for pioneers, were emigrants during the 1830s and 1840s ,The Great Trek consisted leaders including Louis Tregardt, Hendrik Potgieter, Sarel Cilliers, Pieter Uys, Gerrit Maritz, Piet Retief and Andries Pretorius.


The Great Trek

The Great Trek  was an eastward and north-eastward migration away from British control in the Cape Colony during the 1830s and 1840s by Boers .The Great Trek itself led to the founding of numerous Boer republics, the Natalia Republic, the Orange Free State Republic and the Transvaal .


The Battle of Blood River

The Battle of Blood River  , Afrikaans: Slag van Bloedrivier; Zulu: iMpi yaseNcome is the name given for the battle fought between 470 Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius, and an estimated 10,000–15,000 Zulu attackers on the bank of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838. 


Siener Janse Van Rensburg

Nicolaas Pieter Johannes "Niklaas" or "Siener",Janse van Rensburg,30 August 1864 – 11 March 1926,was a Boer from the South African Republic ,
Consequently his nickname became Siener,which is Afrikaans for "seer" or "soothsayer".


General Jacobus De La Rey

General Jacobus Herculaas de la Rey ,22 October 1847 – 15 September 1914, known as Koos de la Rey, was a Boer general during the Second Boer War and is widely regarded as being one of the strongest military leaders during that conflict.


Anglo Zulu War

The Anglo–Zulu War was fought in 1879 between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom. Following a campaign by which Lord Carnarvon had successfully brought about federation in Canada, and Boer republics in South Africa. In 1874


The First Boer War

The First Boer War ,also known as the First Anglo-Boer War or the Transvaal War, was fought from 16 December 1880 until 23 March 1881The southern part of the African continent was dominated in the 19th century by a set of epic struggles to create within it a single unified state. 


The Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is located just south of Pretoria in South Africa. This massive granite structure is prominently located on a hilltop, and was raised to commemorate the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony between 1835 and 1854.


The Day Of The Vow

The Day of the Vow ,Afrikaans: Geloftedag Commemorating a famous Boer victory over the Zulu, the anniversary and its commemoration are intimately connected with various streams of Afrikaner .According to an Afrikaner tradition,The Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838.


The Second Boer War

The Second Boer War Dutch: Tweede Boerenoorlog, AfrikaansTweede Vryheidsoorlog or Tweede Boereoorlog was fought from 11 October 1899 until 31 May 1902 between the British Empire and the Afrikaans-speaking Dutch settlers of two independent Boer republics


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The White Genocide

The South African farming community has suffered from attacks for many years. The majority of the victims have been Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 cited in the national and international media. 


Stop Farm Killing In South Africa


South African farming has suffered from attacks for many years.The victims have been Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 .White farmers point to brutal attacks and incidents involving self-declared anti-white motivations as evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.. 


Radio SAM Germany

If you go to this website , you can Tune Into Radio Sam Germany, A WONDERFULL RADIO STATION, BROADCASTING MUSIC FROM Germany, all you have to do is click ON AIR BUTTON AND IT WILL TAKE YOU DIRECT TO THE RADIO STATION:


Boere Recipes

Because it is uniquely South African but is fast gaining international acceptance I have added recipes of South Africa Rooibos Tea. A herb with many health properties which may be substituted for water or milk in many recipes. 


South African Storys and Ghost Stories

Your Ghost Stories is a place where you can find all kinds of resources regarding real ghosts and true hauntings cases, but more importantly, it is a site for publishing, sharing and reading real ghosts experiences from real people like you. 


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To our Contact -me  Page,You can Contact me and  let me Know ,what I can still add ,or Help to make our Website look better, We will be Happy . Also you Can Contact Me , If you would Like to leave Pictures ,News or Links to share , at No Costs what so ever; but its must be about South Africa.


Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery are Pictures of South Africa,The Flags,the Voortrekkers,The Voortrekker Monument,of wildlife that will still be added,and alot of Pictures of South Africa and Many more Picture that wil be added weekly,We also say thankyou to the Supporters,that have helped us to add,these Wonderfull Pictures ,to Our Gallery. 


Panarama Picture Gallery

Here you can have a look at Panarama Pictures ,Pictures of the Voortrekker Monument ,Church Sqaure and many more Pictures of South Africa,to Enjoy and Share with Friends on the Internet,Thank you for the Supporters ,to Make it Possible, to have such Beautifull Panarama Pictures. 


Umfrage-Our Polls

Our Polls-Umfrage on our Site ,is To Vote on our Answers and Question,about South Africa,Wildlife and Other Polls That will be added Monthly to Our Homepage,So if it does Intest you About Whats Happening around South Africa. 



ur News Letter is a page on our Homepage ,Were we Recieve News and Send News,To Share with other Web stes on the Net,News about South Africa,Music News,The Genocide and  News about Wild life in South Africa.


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Our Flags

Our Flags and History, Natalia was the "Voortrekker" state in Natal which was established after the Voortrekkers arrived there in 1838 and deposed the Zulu king Dingane in 1840. The state was occupied by the British and annexed in 1843. 


The Four Colour Flag - Die Vierkleur Vlag

Die Transvaalse Vierkleur was die amptelike vlag van die Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek en is deur ds Dirk van der Hoff ontwerp. Die vlag het amptelik as die ZAR se landsvlag gedien vanaf 1858 tot 1902, met periodes waar die ou Voortrekkervlag (1874-75) en die Union Jack (1877-1881) as amptelike vlag gehys is.


Ons Tuis Blad

Tuis blad is a webpage to Try and Help to solve the Crimes in South Africa,People that have been killed,Farm Murders,Missing Childeren and many other Cases and Crimes,that have happened Dayly in the past,and that still has not been Solve till today .So if you no of a Crime or a case ON MISSING CHILDREN We would like to Help,and if you would  like me to put it on. 


The Boere Volk South Africa

Boer is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for farmer, which came to denote the descendants of the Dutch-speaking settlers of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th century, as well as those who left the Cape Colony during the 19th century to settle in the Orange Free State, Transvaal which are together known as the Boer Republics 


Boere Music

100 South African artists that prove that South Africa has musical talent. You have to hear them!Over the course of the next few weeks, MusicReview will compile a list of 100 of South Africa’s best musical acts, both past and present, who showcase local talent


South African News

Vierkleur News , I will add it here ,so if you have any Vierkleur News and White Farm killing in South Africa, and Protect the white Genicide ,I will be glad to paste it on this wall.. 


South African Poetry

The poetry of South Africa covers a broad range of themes, forms and styles. This context that contemporary poets have come from and identifies the major poets of South Africa, their works and influence.The South African literary landscape from the 18th century to the present day.



Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19,633 square kilometres (7,580 sq mi) in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa, and extends 360 kilometres (220 mi) from north to south and 65 kilometres (40 mi) from east to west. 


Our Blogspot

Our Blogspot is about the  genocide,farm killing and one of the most crime Countrys in the World , South Africa ,you can follow our blogspot on the Internet. 


Our Petitions


PetitionBuzz is the free and easy way to start a petition and to make a change.

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Ons Land Ons Volk

The national anthem of the Transvaal (Afrikaans and Dutch: Volkslied van Transvaal) was the national anthem of the independent Boer Republic of the South African Republic, which was also known as the Transvaal Republic. It is one of many South African Flag songs.


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DieVierkleur Vlag

Die Transvaalse Vierkleur was die amptelike vlag van die Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek en is deur ds Dirk van der Hoff ontwerp. Die vlag het amptelik as die ZAR se landsvlag gedien vanaf 1858 tot 1902, met periodes waar die ou Voortrekkervlag (1874-75) en die Union Jack (1877-1881) as amptelike vlag gehys is.


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Paul Kruger 
Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger ,10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904, better known as Paul Kruger and affectionately known as Uncle Paul (Afrikaans: "Oom Paul", was State President of the South African Republic (Transvaal).


AWB Group

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) (AWB) is a South African far right separatist political and former paramilitary organisation, since its creation dedicated to secessionist Afrikaner nationalism and the creation of an independent Boer-Afrikaner republic


The Former Of The AWB

Eugène Ney Terre'Blanche ,31 January 1944-3 April 2010, was a former member of South Africa's Herstigte Nasionale Party who founded the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) during the apartheid era. During the 1980s and early 1990s, he became known for threatening civil war to maintain white rule in South Africa.


The AWB Weskaap

This Page is about the AWB in The Western Cape of South Africa,Thier are Links on that Page that will take you Direct to their Page and you will find alot of other Links that you mite find Intresting.and alot of pictures to View.


South African Sport

There are currently 16 Super Rugby teams but only 15 of them play in the tournament annually. The Southern Kings replaced the Lions for the 2013 Super Rugby season and promotion relegation matches will be held with the last placed South African team and the Lions to decide who plays in the 2014 season.


South African Site Views

South Africa's national monuments and memorials can be found across the country. Commemorating our past and those who shaped it, they range from the imposing to the quirky. Among these monuments and memorials are everything from the grand Union Buildings to the eccentric Owl House, and even a post office tree.


The Big Five Game

In Africa, the big five game animals are the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.The term big five game sometimes capitalized or quoted as "Big Five" was coined by big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot.The African wildlife safaris.


Wild Life Videos

Here you can watch a few Wildlife VIDEOS From our Page they are from Youtube ,if you like Wild Life about South Africa, you can go to this page ,it will also link you to Youtube , so Enjoy.


Wildlife South Africa

South Africa has a large variety of wildlife, including snakes, birds, plains animals, and predators. The country has 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds.The Cape Buffalo, also known as the African cook, is a powerful animal that has few natural enemies.



ComfiZone South Africa - Visit Our Website

ComfiZone is your GREEN solution to building insulation.

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Music Artists 

Steve Hofmeyr the most successful artist South Africa has ever seen.  From his humble beginnings as an actor in the hit Television Show "Agter Elke Man" on to "Egoli" and finally his own Hit TV show "Dis Hoe Dit Is Met Steve" on Kyk Net. 



South Africa Reserves

Game Lodges: Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, the largest private game reserve in South Africa, is the ancestral home of the San / Bushman. Exclusive Tarkuni Lodge offers five luxury bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and outdoor heated showers. The Motse, or 'village', consists of eight legaes, or 'homes'.



Our Coat Of Arms

As Britain and America prove their Israel Identity by their National Heraldry in symbols, which was pre-designed for them in the Word of God thousands of years ago and divinely linked to their National seals of today.


The Wolfs Den